So I keep getting asked why haven't I done a new podcast of Inside Tha Jackals Head in some months! Well truth is the shows been in a time out or "hiatus" until the end of this year like "December." Honestly it could be January 2023 when I return... My health has been real bad recently, and so I've taken time off, and also the site switch from GoDaddy to BlogSpot is taken longer to complete than expected.

Things are looking up on the sites as you could see the porting over is going well. Also other sites I run are all leaving GoDaddy due to their unfaith charges, and over priced services. But this was coming they done me wrong many times so this switch was going to happen. As I am sick this was a good time to switch the servers and start a new.

With that said I will be returning promiss just keep checking here for more info on me...

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